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Summer Haikus

Playing with good friends

Running for the ice cream truck

Swimming in cool pools

Pleasing vacations

Slushies and icepops melting

Water balloons thrown

Going to great camps

Sprinklers gushing water

Fun-filled longer days


This is your Creative Editors Trinity amd Justin, writing on the very last Newspaper Club meeting. 😦 This is the last day of our Newspaper.  We will miss writing articles on the LOP Creativity Blog! We hope some of you will join Newspaper next year. This year as editors of the Newspaper has been a lot of fun! The end of school is also approaching, so we wish you a great summer!

Sincerely, Justin and Trinity

This article is by Sam B. from 4D!

On May 24, 2012, the same day as the Student Interest Fair, my class had a surprise baby shower for Mrs. Cutillo. As we were walking back to our classroom, Mrs. Gladkowski interfered. She told Mrs. Cutillo that there was a fire drill that was going to happen very soon. As she ushered us outside, we made sure we got out before her. We lined up by our parents, and as Mrs. Cutillo was coming out the door, we screamed “SURPRISE!” We spent the next hour doing some fun things that the parents set up. She opened presents at the end.

-Guest Editor Sam B.

Make a 4th of July Craft (from


1. Plastic coffee can lid                 2. Crank knife

3. Thick Rubber band                    4. paper clips

5. Sticker stars                                 6. Flexible plastic straw


1. Use a craft knife to a small x in the center of the coffee lid.

2.Push one end of a thick rubber band (like the one shown below) up through the opening and stretch it around the center of a paper clip to keep it from pulling back through. Decorate the lid with sticker stars.

3.From a flexible plastic straw, cut one 4-inch straight length and one 4 1/2-inch length with the bendable portion near the center. Shape a second paper clip into a small hook. Then slide it into the straight straw length and use it to pull the free end of the rubber band through.

4.Insert one end of the bendable straw length through the protruding loop of the rubber band for a handle.

Super Small Art!

Have you ever seen really big paintings or sculptures? How about super tiny works of art? Those are not so popular. There are many very small pieces of art everywhere in the world. One artist, Jin Yin Hua, painted a detailed painting of a giant panda onto  a single human hair, using one rabbit hair as a brush.

The hair under a microscope.

Insane! Another artist named Willard Wigan makes very, very, VERY tiny sculptures that sit in the eye of small needles! His love for micro-art started when he was young, and made shoes for ants. His works include Snow White along with the Seven Dwarfs, the Statue of Liberty, and the Incredible Hulk. He says he works late at night on his micro-sculptures when there are no noises or distractions.

      Imagine! These are on the tiny heads of NEEDLES.

Small, framed  portraits called miniatures started a craze during the 16th century, and people carried them around. I guess tiny art has been going on throughout the years! Even you might make tiny art without knowing it, by writing on a post-it note or even doodling in your notebook. Bye for now!


Crumbling Newspaper is so easy, your dad can do it with one hand! Can your dad do it ,or not?

What to do: Find five sheets of newspaper. Have your dad put  his arm long ways and use that hand to crumple each piece of paper in to a ball. Give him two minutes to get it  done.

Why he can’t:Its because his arm gets tired of crumbling 5 papers and its easy to crumble 1 or 2 papers  so they tire out very quickly.


This cool trick was from family fun!                                                                                                                 By: Justin

Christopher R. from Mrs. Amato’s class is another very talented artist! He drew this picture titled “The Rapitor.”

Tysef F. from Mrs. Amato’s class submitted this awesome drawing to the newspaper. What a talented artist!

Sometimes our eyes trick us! Have you ever heard of an optical illusion? It is when your eyes deceive you. There are some cool optical illusion books in the school library you can check out. To make an optical illusion, you must know a lot about brightness, color, size, position, and movement. Here are some cool optical illusions.

( I think this is the coolest.) Look at the four dots in the middle  of the picture for 40 seconds. Then look at the wall nearest to you. The face will appear on the wall! 

Are they spinning? If you don’t see it, try looking at one of the circles in the middle of the picture.


Houses? Or people?


Were you tricked? To see more cool illusions, click here. You can make your own optical illusion, too! There are many simple illusions that anyone can do or make. Some optical illusions are very creative, and some can blow your mind! Have fun fooling your friends.

by Trinity

Joe D. from Mrs. Cutillo’s class has been busy drawing dragons and other creatures! Here are some of his awesome illustrations.

Great job, Joe! Thanks for submitting these excellent drawings and so sorry for the delay! 🙂

-Mrs. C.